Adkins, Douglas J. April-28-1962 May-04-2005
Chesney, Ena Kissick January-06-1884 November-19-1980
Corbin, Bertha Jane 1941 1942
Cory, Tennesse March-27-1863 July-17-1896 Wife of William Cory
Cory, William B. 1871 1940
Filson, Charles April-27-1867 JULY-17-1954
Filson, Effie July-04-1876 January-26-1962 Wife of George Maxwell Filson
Filson, George M. April-25-1854 June-10-1940
Filson, Glenn McKinley February-15-1901 August-07-1911 Son of George Maxwell and Effie Filson
Filson, Lewis D. May-10-1822 November-12-1888
Filson, Mary J. November-26-1824 May-16-1911
Filson, Maudie November-12-1880 May-31-1900 Daughter of D. B. and M. D. Filson
Filson, Priscilla 1782 October-03-1874 Wife of William Filson
Filson, Samuel 1757 September-15-1831
Filson, Simpson 1855 August-14-1911
Filson, Stephen 1805 November-18-1840
Filson, William 1780 April-06-1874
Hamilton, Willis September-24-1925 October-14-2003
Hurst, Esta F. 1923 1965
Hurst, Forrest V. 1915 1987
Hurst, Hattie. September-23-1886? August-15-1903 Daughter of H.G. & R. Hurst
Hurst, Myrtie J. October-30-1893 February-04-1918
Hurst, Rebecca A. J. June-01-1837 March-24-1939
Infant Daughter of J. F. & M. M. Kissick August-10-1886
Kissick, Minnie L. July-18-1884 September-07-1907
Kissick, ????
Kissick, Ora S. May-19-1902 March-10-1904 Son of H. W. & E. J. Kissick
Kissick, Annazetta July-28-1856 October-13-1886 Wife of C. D. Kissick
Kissick, Bertha P. June-19-1881- November-20-1962
Kissick, Clyde W. December-13-1918 August-04-1920 Son of J. W. & B. P. Kissick
Kissick, Effie C. December-23-1882 July-22-1886 Daughter of G. W. Kissick
Kissick, Elizabeth J.. December-01-1843 April-11-1920 Wife of G. W. Kissick
Kissick, George W. March-08-1836 Januay-02-1899 Son of H. W. & E. J. Kissick
Kissick, Ida M. May-01-1881 December-25-1881 Daughter of G. W. Kissick
Kissick, James T. May-11-1862 August-20-1907
Kissick, James W. August-07-1877 August-18-1939
Kissick, Lucinda A. July-23-1864 December-13-1868 Daughter of G. W. Kissick
Kissick, Mary M. September-27-1862 May-22-1880 Wife of J. F. Kissick
Kissick, Sarah J. August-18-1872 June-13-1883 Daughter of G. W. Kissick
Kissick, Scott August-27-1895 February-02-1912 Son of H. W. & E. J. Kissick
Kissick, Sophia M. September-06-1868 March-15-1920 Wife of James T. Kissick
Likes, James F..
Ratliff, Ella M. June-02-1881 December-27-1906 Wife of W. A. Ratliff
Roberts nee Filson, Thelma January-17-1913 October-05-1953 Daughter of George Maxwell & Effie Filson
Sexson, Ada January - 1894 September - 1924 Wife of Asa Sexson
Stratton nee Phelps, Carrel Liddie January-24-1880 October-31-1912 Daughter of W. S. Phelps and Mary Alice Phelps nee Filson
Thompson, Jennie M. September-18-1864 1882 Daughter of Moses and Martha Thompson
Thompson, Lewis September-28-1864 June-04-1929
Thompson, L. W. May-19-1893 September-13-1975 Picture taken by Betty Thompson Wallace
Thompson, Mary Alice Filson June-20-1860 April-24-1955
Thompson, Percille October - 1866 September - 1883 Daughter of Moses & Martha Thompson
Thompson, W. L. June-11-1829 January-13-1903
Unreadable September-10-1838
Unreadable, Mary E.
Wightman, Benjamin M. August-08-1871 October-13?-1871 Son of E. J. & E. E. Wightman
Wightman, E. J. October-24-1819 April-27-1884
Wightman, Elizabeth January-18-1833 October-21-1871 Wife of E. J. Wightman